SRP Board election 7 April, 2020

We are asked to vote in this election because of an artifact in the title to our property. The organizers who brought us Proposition 127 in 2018 are hoping, gradually, to populate the SRP board with environmental activists, who will bring us blackouts and high energy bills, as in California. They have branded themselves the SRPCleanenergy party. The more business-like group call themselves the Keeptheflow party.

If you have a clean choice between an SRPCleanenergy candidate and a Keeptheflow candidate, I recommend voting for the latter. In the At-large Seat 13 race, I will vote for Wendy Marshall.

In the race for At-large Seat 11, in addition to the SRPCleanenergy and the Keeptheflow candidates, there is a third candidate named Greg Patterson. In 2018, he ran for the Arizona House LD18 as a Republican and has no program that I can find, apart from the slogan “More Solar.” He solicited support for the House race with no program other than a promise to serve. His presence in the SRP race probably splits the conservative vote and makes it more likely the environmental activist (Anda McAfee) will win. I will vote for Christopher Dobson.

Wendy Marshall’s website is here:

Christopher Dobson’s website is here:

Anda McAfee’s website is here:

Nick Brown’s website is here:

Greg Patterson’s facebook page is here: