Kyrene Elementary School District (No 28) election

The Kyrene Elementary School District (Kyrene) election has 5 candidates. You can vote for up to 3. On the ballot, the candidates may appear in random order.

  1. Ivan Alfaro, website, facebook page, personal facebook page
  2. Michelle Fahy, website, facebook page
  3. Wanda Kolomyjec, website, facebook page, personal facebook page
  4. Triné Nelson, website, facebook page
  5. Margaret Wright, website, facebook page

Here are outstanding features of the candidates:

  1. Mr Alfaro is an executive with a national education company. He favors Proposition 208.
  2. Ms Fahy is a teacher in Tempe Union High School District.
  3. Ms Kolomyjec is a former district school teacher, now a professor of justice studies at ASU. She is endorsed by Terry Goddard and Paul Penzone. Her twitter feed @wkolomyjec has been edited since she became a candidate, perhaps because she felt it might be disqualifying in a school board candidate to be so vulgar in her opposition to Donald Trump and all Republicans. Sadly, she is probably destined for a larger stage.
  4. Ms Nelson wants to close the gaps in achievement.
  5. Ms Wright teaches biology at Paradise Valley Community College.

Mr Alfaro and Ms Wright are both registered Republicans, but Mr Alfaro supports Prop 208. Ms Wright wishes to be a voice for parents, and for good sense. The next two years are going to be tough for Kyrene.

Here is a video of a recent candidates’ forum. (1 hour, 33 minutes)

Here are some of the posts Ms Kolomyjec deleted: