Vote only on Election Day and as late as possible, even with an absentee ballot.)

Everything changed in November, 2020. We do not yet understand the exact mechanisms of the many vote frauds that were committed, but it is clear that many of the frauds required the insertion of fake, or illegal ballots. The aim was a narrow victory and required constant monitoring of the vote count so that just enough ballots would be added. If we vote at the last moment, it makes it harder for the bad guys to know how many fake ballots they need to print. Vote in person on Election Day if possible. If you vote by absentee ballot, return it on Election Day. If you are only dropping a ballot in the urn, you can skip the line of people waiting to vote.

There may have been two reasons why the election authorities want us to use markers, (1) the bleed-through, which probably contributed to the dramatic rise in adjudication, and (2) the fact that the marks are hard to distinguish from machine-made marks. If you vote only a few races, you are inviting a machine to fill in the blank ones. The best way to leave a mark that is recognizably human is to use a blue ball point.