SRP Regular Election April 5, 2022 District 8


Woods, Keith


Hoopes, John R. “Randy”
Dobson, Christopher

Seat 12:

O’Brien, Krista
Flores, Victor

Seat 14:

Mohr-Almeida, Kathy
Biggers, Garvey

District Board:

Hendrickson, Deborah
Huppenthal, John FREP
Miller, Randy

District Council:

Farmer, Mark
Patterson, GregREP
Pedersen, Mark
Andersen, Scott

The SRP is in play because the large land-owners are increasingly real-estate developers and the environmentalists see it as a prize. Note the high correlation between party affiliation and slate: keeptheflow are all Republicans; srpcleanenergy almost all Democrats. None of us have any real visibility into these candidates, but the slates and the party affiliations are a useful guide. I choose to vote for Republicans and keeptheflow. Because srpcleanenergy endorses Woods and Dobson, I will vote for Rousseau and Hoopes. See the example ballots for the Power District and the User’s Association, here and here.