Post-mortem on the SRP April 2022 election

This is a good example of tactical voting. In 2020, Greg Patterson entered the race for At-Large Seat #11, previously between Chris Dobson (Keep the Flow) and Anda McAfee (SRP Clean Energy), representing himself as a conservative. He split the conservative vote, giving McAfee the seat. Total votes were 5,536. McAfee won with 48.6%.

This time Greg entered the race for Council Seat 8, unendorsed by Keep the Flow, and without any apparent program, except to represent himself as a conservative. Total votes were 1245.2, of which Greg received 230.4. Had his votes been distributed among the 3 Keep the Flow candidates, the lowest vote-getter, Scott Andersen, would have been elected. Instead, thanks to Greg, Mark Mulligan (SRP Clean Energy) won one of the 3 Council seats.

John Huppenthal did the same thing in the race for the SRP Association Board Seat 8. Total votes were 608.91. Huppenthal got only 23%, but he caused Randy Miller, the SRP Clean Energy candidate, to win, with 40% of the vote.

Please remember Greg Patterson and John Huppenthal, in case they strike again.