Maricopa County Community College District At-Large

There are 8 members of the Governing Board, each representing a geography. This race is for a 9th, at-large member of the board.

Kelli Butler was a member of the Arizona House, representing the old district 28 (North Phoenix) with Aaron Lieberman and Christine Marsh (all Democrats). In the Legislature she has been a consistent advocate of more spending on public schools.

Randy Kaufman appears to be the conservative in this race. Here is an interview of both in the Republic. Kaufman states the obvious, that enrollments are declining but spending is not. Here are the CAFRs for MCCCD. Spending has climbed from $626 million in 2013 to $927 million in the fiscal year ended June 2021. 65% of the spending is paid from property tax. (10% of my property tax bill is due to the MCCCD.)

Randy Kaufman will embarrass us if we elect him. Recent police report below. There is no one to vote for in this race. Notice I have filled in all the ovals, which will cause this race not to be counted, and which prevents someone else from filling in the ovals for me.

You might get some dark amusement from reading some of the Governing Board Monitoring Reports, posted here. Numbers are presented without context or explanation. They are obsessed with race. There is no governance here. Why does Kaufman want to be a voice for fiscal conservatism on a 9 member board?

Declining enrollments were under way well before COVID: