Justices and Judges

In the 2020 general, all the judges were returned to office by Soviet margins: over a million votes for each Supreme Court justice, and, in Maricopa County, about over half a million votes for each Appeals Court judge and each (of 40 ) Superior Court judges. Even actual campaigns against judges like Christopher Coury (who incurred the wrath of Red for Ed by ruling against Prop 208) barely dented their popularity. Only Jo Lynn Gentry, against whom both the Democrat party and the Commission on Judicial Performance review had turned, ‘barely’ won, with 9x the margin by which Biden beat Trump in Arizona.

One million voters labored hard, to research their choices and fill out over 50 ballot questions.

We will never get rid of the voting machines as long as we permit races like these on the ballot. I protest by voting ‘No’ on every one. Not voting is an invitation to allow someone else to fill in the ovals.