How to use the Request to Speak (RTS) system

First, you must go physically to the State Capitol and register at one of the kiosks. Once you have done that, the RTS system will recognize you where ever you login from with your email address and password. You must do this once only. I would be happy to help you.

Now, do your homework. Two good sources are Jose Borrajero’s People’s Lobbyist ( and the Arizona Civil Defense League ( Sign up for their email alerts.

Once you are registered and have a bill on which you wish to comment, browse to, select Request to Speak, and sign in. Suppose you are interested in HB2054. This bill would amend ARS 16-165 on page 2, line 24, by one word. Where ARS 16-165 presently says “The Secretary of State may compare the records of deaths with the statewide voter registration database,” HB2054 proposes to change “may” to “shall.” As of 12 February, there were 109 people writing in support and 466 writing against. Election integrity is a stunningly partisan issue and those who oppose it are very well organized. The members of the House seem not to have been impressed by the RTS ‘No’ votes. Yesterday this bill was passed out of the House to the Senate, 58-1, with only our own Jennifer Jermaine voting ‘No.’

If you wish to express an opinion about a bill, browse (from the front page of to Legislative Information>Request to Speak. Make a New Request and specify the bill.