Recalls are hard because the law requires the number of signatures to be at least 25% of the number of votes cast. In November, 424,531 votes were cast in the District 1 Maricopa County Supervisors election, so 106,133 signatures are needed for recall. Since Jack Sellers won very narrowly, that is half the votes he received. No Democrats, to my knowledge, support election integrity, and all favor municipal subdivisions — counties and cities — over the state legislature, so all those signatures will have to be gathered either from people who did not vote in this race in November or from people who voted for Sellers and now regret it.

The physical petition must be printed both sides on legal size paper and the signature collector must have his signature notarized. I can do both. If you want to sign, please contact me. I can also provide petitions for the statewide recalls of Governor Ducey, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Kathy Hoffman, the State Superintendent of Schools.

The organizers of this recall are here: