Kyrene ESD No. 28

We are being asked if we are willing to extend, for another 7 years, a property tax for the benefit of Kyrene School District. It is one of three we currently pay for the benefit of Kyrene. Tempe Union High School District also levies 3 property taxes, one of which is an override. Almost 2/3 of my property tax is for the benefit of district schools. Since the question may be answered Yes or No, it is misleading to say — as Kyrene does in their ‘Fact Sheet,’ here — voting Yes will not cost us any more. We can vote No and keep our money.

This election is not only off-cycle — so turnout will be dominated by special interests like the teachers’ association — it is all absentee. The Recorder is mailing ballots to everyone even if they are not on the PEVL. We have many reports of multiple ballots received. (See the neighboring post on the PEVL.) It has been possible to put ballots in drop boxes since October 6. Most drop boxes are located in school district offices and are monitored by district personnel. If that were not enough, the ballot design makes it possible to read your vote through the sealed envelope with nothing more than a flashlight. (Hat tip to my genius friend Patty Porter, who reported this here.) These people are taking no chances.

Here’s an illustration of what Patty discovered. There are only four ways to put the folded ballot in the envelope and they all put the ovals in a position where they can be seen with a flashlight.