Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests

I submitted this one by ordinary mail 4 December 2021. I also submitted a copy by email to

Public Records Custodian
Maricopa County Recorder
111 S. Third Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85003

Public Records Request under the Arizona Freedom of Information Act

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to request all internal documents and records including emails and texts relevant to assisting public understanding of the way in which the county recruits, screens, hires and assigns temporary election workers to the roughly 1,000 temporary jobs at MCTEC, and the thousands of temporary jobs at polling places and in the field, such as couriers and tech support.

Please provide the names, addresses, temporary job assignments, party affiliations, and other attributes (such as language abilities) of the temporary workers who applied for jobs and the ones you hired in the August 2020 primary, in the November 2020 general, and in the November 2021 special district elections.

For each temporary worker who applied, was screened, interviewed or otherwise considered for a job or hired, please provide their history of temporary work with the Recorders office, together with your comments in their files.

Please indicate the extent to which you allow groups of temporary workers to request or avoid assignments with other temporary workers. Please identify family groups.

Please provide digital copies of any written criteria used to determine who is or is not eligible for these temporary jobs. Please provide copies of procedures for assigning temporary workers to their assigned positions.

Many thanks,