Democrats get disproportionate share of Maricopa County temporary poll-worker jobs

Democrats count for only 30% of registrations in the county but may have over 60% of the temporary poll-worker jobs.

In three recent elections — the August 2020 primary, the November 2020 general, and the November 2021 district elections — Maricopa County hired nearly 3,000 temporary workers to staff the polling locations. There were only 2,124 unique hires because some people were hired more than once. Of those, 1,001 (47%) were registered Democrat when they worked. Another 286, in the past decade, were either registered Democrats or asked for Democrat primary ballots, bringing the share of probable Democrats to 61%.

reported partyrecently DEMprobable true affiliationshare

I will examine the nearly 1,000 temporary workers hired to work at the downtown counting center (MCTEC) in another post.

(My source material for this post is (1) a recent FOIA request I made, and (2) county election data provided under ARS 16-168.)